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Public Groups

Group NameMottoMembers
StarWin Or Go BrokeNot here to make small, safe plays and slowly build the bankroll. We risk it for the biscuit133
StarThe SharpsWe always find our edge and make the smart play56
FRANK MICHAEL SMITH GROUPMust be in this group to win my cash prize528
All Sports Culture ContestHere to win46
Talking Hockey Vs The WorldLets see who the smartest person in the room is39
AJs March Madness Challenge!GVGT33
SOG SportsGamers, ballers, playmakers and shot callers. Pro win and anti coward. 27
spm261.2021into to sm20
spm261.2.2021introduction to sm15
winnerswe dont lose12
Hockey CollectiveFor the followers of Hockey Collective, lets see who can come out on top!12
StatlineStatline Instagram11
Play to Win4 week segments with a weekly winner each week. 10
Reliable PicksOnly winners10
CatchTheBlitzOfficial SBD Play group of CTB9

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