Learn New Betting Skills Risk-Free

SBD Play is a free-play sportsbook that allows you to sharpen your betting skills in a risk-free environment, competing with other bettors from around the nation to reach the top of our leaderboard.

Once you register, you’ll have $500 dollars in virtual currency to wager each week in the SBD Play sportsbook. Use this $500 to place moneyline, point spread, or totals wagers on a daily selection of NFL, NHL, NBA, or MLB games. We’ll track your progress and award the bettor who profits the most each week with a $25 cash prize.

Of course, we’ll also keep track of your overall record and the amount you win and lose over the long term so you can see yourself improve over time.


Put Yourself to the Test

With real odds and the ability to wager different amounts, SBD Play is NOT a fantasy site. It IS the best way to test your sports betting knowledge and try new strategies without committing real money. With $25 to gain each week and nothing to lose, SBD Play is the place to hone the skills that can make you profitable at pay-to-play online sportsbooks.

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