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LeagueGameBet TypeBet
17-Jan-2021 at 6:40pm ESTnflTB @ NOmoneylineTB (+140)$75.00$105.00
17-Jan-2021 at 6:40pm ESTnflTB @ NOtotal o52 (-109)$93.00-$93.00
17-Jan-2021 at 3:05pm ESTnflCLE @ KCmoneylineCLE (+385)$100.00-$100.00
16-Jan-2021 at 8:15pm ESTnflBAL @ BUFspreadBUF -2.5 (-110)$75.00$68.25
16-Jan-2021 at 8:15pm ESTnflBAL @ BUFmoneylineBUF (-140)$75.00$53.25
16-Jan-2021 at 4:35pm ESTnflLAR @ GBmoneylineLAR (+270)$75.00-$75.00
16-Jan-2021 at 4:35pm ESTnflLAR @ GBtotal o45.5 (-110)$75.00$68.25
15-Jan-2021 at 7:00pm ESTnhlCHI @ TBtotal o6.5 (+107)$30.00$32.10
15-Jan-2021 at 7:00pm ESTnhlCHI @ TBspreadTB -1.5 (+123)$30.00$36.90

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