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LeagueGameBet TypeBet
05-Dec-2020 at 12:00pm ESTncaafTOL @ NIUspreadTOL -10 (-110)$100.00Pending
05-Dec-2020 at 12:00pm ESTncaafMEM @ TULNmoneylineMEM (+125)$82.00Pending
05-Dec-2020 at 12:00pm ESTncaafOKST @ TCUspreadOKST -2.5 (-110)$100.00Pending
05-Dec-2020 at 12:00pm ESTncaafTAM @ AUBspreadTAM -5.5 (-111)$100.00Pending
03-Dec-2020 at 9:30pm ESTncaafAFA @ USUtotal u51 (-110)$100.00$91.00
03-Dec-2020 at 6:00pm ESTncaafLT @ UNTspreadUNT -1.5 (-110)$100.00-$100.00
03-Dec-2020 at 6:00pm ESTncaafLT @ UNTmoneylineUNT (-120)$100.00-$100.00
03-Dec-2020 at 4:30pm ESTncaabUMASS @ NCSTspreadNCST -15.5 (-110)$100.00$91.00
03-Dec-2020 at 3:00pm ESTncaabCHS @ EIUspreadEIU -24.5 (-112)$100.00-$100.00

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